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I work as a freelance designer for UK companies as well as US companies. I provide services in Web Design & Production, Print Design & Production as well as photography. I often work out of my own premises, but can just as easily work in-house at your location. My rates vary depending on the type of work. I can either quote an hourly rate, or for special circumstances can quote on a per project basis.

I have a well equipped studio set-up with access to any equipment I need, including but not limited to desktop PC, Mac laptop, fax machine/photocopier, color printer as well as a full range of media hardware and all major graphics/web software. I also have high speed internet, to expediate transfer of files from myself to clients.

Site Updates
This site has not been updated for many years. The samples are over 10 years old. I am currently working on a new design site, with more portfolio pieces. The new site will include various new sections, including but not limited to: branding, photography and design. The new site should be finished by the end of 2015. Thank you for your understanding.

Contact Info
For further information or to request a quote for a job please feel free to contact me via email at:
info @ melaniehughes.com
or call/text me at:
in the US: +001 (1) 203 258 7016

Melanie Hughes

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