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I believe in doing things concisely, and accurately.

More is not always better. For example: web sites with too many 'bells & whistles' load too slowly and often cloud over the message a client is trying to get across. I also believe that clients shouldn't pay for things they don't need and that they should get value for money.

Simple, professional and robust is what I believe in. A website should work in as many browsers and on as many platforms as possilbe. Anything else means you are not communicating properly with between 5 & 25% of your market.

I am constantly learning new things. If there is something I do not know, I am always willing to research it and am keen to learn in order to improve my service to my clients, as well as broadening my knowledge base.

I believe life is to be lived to its fullest potential.

I regard all new experiences as opportunties to learn more about myself and about life.

This attitude and an adventurous spirit has always inpsired me to follow my dreams, which have included moving to a new country and travelling to other countries within Europe.

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